Our Mission: Deactivation and Preservation

We purchase and import old military firearms, typically WW1 through WW2 vintage, from foreign countries. Part of the requirements for importing these firearms to the US is the deactivation (demilling/destruction) of the receiver. The receiver is the regulated part that houses the key functioning components of the firearm.

Due to various enactments by the US Government, almost all firearms of military origin cannot be imported without deactivation. However, certain antique military firearms, especially old machineguns, are highly prized collectibles in the US market. These items are carefully regulated by the BATFE and require specific approval to own, possess, and transport under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Since the ban on new registrations of these automatic firearms in 1986, collectors typically pay $10,000 - $50,000 to own a BATFE "registered" antique machinegun. By importing and deactivating antique machineguns we supply these collectors with valuable replacement parts and give other collectors the opportunity to construct non-functional display/ "dummy" guns.

In short, we do the opposite of what arms merchants are typically known for: we buy functional military firearms and permanently deactivate them. And due to the collectible nature of these 'antiques', we can do this at a profit by selling the parts.





German WW2 Model MG-42 Machineguns Prior to Demilling

German WW2 Model MG-34 Machineguns Prior to Demilling

Rare Live MG34 Tanker Machineguns Prior to Demilling

(These were a special pattern specifically made for use in tanks)

One of these MG34 "tankers" after demilling and offered for sale as a Parts Kit


Deactivated MP40 Machineguns